The Frozen Zombie
The house special: three rums, pineapple and orange juice, grenadine, and something special, Watch that first sip...


The Blue Lagoon

Can a Margarita really by blue?


Singapore Sling

The gin drink for non-gin drinkers! Created at The Raffles Hotel in Singapore


The Blue Hawaiian

Rum, pineapple and subtle coconut


The Mai Tai

We sure hope Trader Vic would be proud of our interpretation of his classic drink. Rum, of course...


Banama Mama

Rum based and red, for the coconut lover in you


Planer's Punch

Tastes like a punch, and hit's you like one too!



We'll even make you a pitcher to share for $24!


The Suffering Bastard

3 ounces of booze, named at the Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo.
Why the name? Just think of tomorrow morning...


The Gillian

3 kinds of rum, vodka, O.J. and served in a Mason Jar, our little buddy will make you feel like a castaway!


The Scorpion Bowl (= 4 drinks)

Rum, brandy and a hint of almont makes this the ultimate party bowl (and yes, everyone gets a straw)!